Tiling is suitable for just about every room of the house, and for outside areas adjoining the house as well. Ease of cleaning, excellent durability and unsurpassed waterproofing characteristics make tiles an outstanding choice for living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, laundries and just about anywhere else. Outside areas benefit from the excellent weather durability of tiles, far superior to wood and requiring far less maintenance. Tiles, when skilfully installed and properly sealed, make for the most enduring of artificial surfaces. Talk to us about your situation and we can provide the solution that last for decades.

Natural stonework has proved its durability even before it is installed. It has survived in nature for centuries; it can continue to survive in your home, shaped to best suit your needs; finished to be stylish and functional.

Whether it is refurbishing an older home or building a new one stonework offers unsurpassed beauty, permanence and uniqueness, as well as adding value to your home. Stone is a natural forming material, not artificially created, so each piece is distinctive and unique.

Stone work can be formed from many types of material, each a different aesthetic choice. Marble, granite limestone, soapstone, slate, sandstone and Travertine are all popular, and all give an effect as different as any variety carpet or wallpaper. As stone is the most permanent aspect of any building many people decide on the stonework first and choose to design the rest of their decorations around this permanent fixture.

Not only does stone work has great flexibility in material, it also offers flexibility in colour and finish. Talk to us about which possibilities are possible with which type of stone. High traffic areas, possible stain risks, lighting situations, water proofing and many other issues can all be accommodated with the right finish on the right stone.